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Financial Solutions

Valuation, economic-financial feasibility analysis for infrastructure projects (concessions, Public-Private Partnerships), including capital cost analysis, expected returns, sensitivity analysis, and risk mitigation. Development of financing solutions (short and long term) for projects and productive assets (real, nonfinancial) via Debt or Equity, including debt structuring advice, capital markets transactions and potential investors. Fundraising for domestic and foreign investment in infrastructure projects and / or Startups innovation projects. Audit of economic-financial models and expert opinions on the economic and financial health of the company, including analysis of the main cost and revenue drivers of the company to optimize company value. Identification and shareholder value analysis. Mergers and Acquisitions: support for acquisition (Criteria for acquisition, financial analysis of potential target companies) Sale (Asset Value, SWOT analysis) and management of the due diligence process, support for investors, entrepreneurs and decision makers. Rating advisory: We support our clients in preparing documentation and understanding the process with risk rating agencies. We manage the diagnosis and elaboration of risk management models aimed at infrastructure projects, aiming to help organizations to deal with the requirements that accompany large funding sources.