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Our Company

Fineggi is an independent consultancy firm and has credibility and reputation in structuring infrastructure projects and fundraising, mainly, in the Project finance area. For each operation, we develop a fundraising strategy in line with the client's long-term objectives, prepare a detailed business plan and advise our clients in negotiation and presentation to investors. We act as advisors for buying or selling in Merger and Acquisition processes, providing analytical tools for decision making, seeking and approaching the counterparty to the transaction, preparing all strategic material and advising throughout the negotiation.

We also issue independent valuation analyzes, regulatory WACC opinions, economic and financial rebalancing of contracts, Concession, PPP and infrastructure sector studies, with benchmarking. We also assist in reviewing the company's capital structure, including advice on restructuring and the appropriate mix of debt and equity based on the company's risk profile and long-term objectives; development of business strategy, including a business plan, with financial projections, seeking to maximize shareholder value; and feasibility and decision analysis for investment projects.

The company also uses statistical and probabilistic tools to aid in decision and probability analysis, such as Monte Carlo, At Risk, among others. Upon request, the company also conducts customized corporate training and workshops in the areas of Corporate finance, Project finance, Public and private partnerships, concessions and corporate innovation.

Who We Are

Luciana Nazar

Luciana Nazar, CEO


Luciana Nazar is a founding partner and CEO of Fineggi Capital. Before joining Fineggi, Luciana worked with a portfolio of more than R$ 11 billion in financing major national and international infrastructure projects in the energy, sanitation, roads, airports and ports sectors. She worked for over 15 years as an executive senior of large multinational companies, such as: Alcoa, Votorantim Metais, Fitch Ratings (Director of Project Finance and Infrastructure), Lendlease (Director of Project Finance) and Foz do Brasil (BRK Ambiental). With over 18 years of experience, she holds a bachelor's degree in Public Administration from EAESP-FGV (São Paulo School of Business Administration of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation) and a post-graduate degree in Administration and Finance from EAESP-FGV, with an internship at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU-Wien) and at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Vienna. She is a member of IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance), member of the selection and investing committee of GVANGELS, was part of the Leaderboard of Forbes magazine (32nd edition). She is also a professor of MBA courses in Economics and regulation at FGV, a professor of MBA in Economics at FIPE / USP and a professor of Project Finance at FK Partners. Co-author of the book "Infrastructure Challenges in Brazil" and the book "Treaty on Public-Private Partnerships". She has worked in Europe, USA and countries in North and Latin America during his career and is a reference in the Project finance and infrastructure market.

Among the company's values, we can emphasize independence, ethics, commitment to the success of its clients, and credibility with the national and international market